Nancy Mullins

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Nancy Mullins

Firm Manager

“I want people to feel comfortable around us, and to know that no matter what, it will all work out and they will be okay.”

When clients are struggling through the challenges of divorce, a custody battle, or other family law matters, Nancy Mullins is ready to go the extra mile to help in any way that she can. With both a tremendous sense of empathy and a keen sense of humor, Nancy is one of those rare individuals who truly is a good listener.

She prides herself on making clients feel welcome and at ease, and establishing an atmosphere where clients can express their feelings and tell their stories without experiencing any sense of judgment.  Under Nancy’s guidance, the office at Reade Law Firm, PC serves as a safe harbor where clients can relax, be themselves, and work to build the best plan for the future.

Often,  she knows clients will act calm, cool, and collected on the outside while on the inside, their emotions are in turmoil. Nancy strives to reassure them that they are moving forward and will emerge on the other side of the process prepared to enjoy their best life ahead.