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Divorce and family law struggles can be some of the most difficult experiences in your life. At Reade Law Firm, PC, we are here to help you through these challenging times as we work together to build a positive future.

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We listen and work with you to find the right strategy to reach your goals. You have options for how to proceed through the divorce process and for some people the options change during the process depending on the needs of the client and the family. We are prepared to resolve issues outside of court using mediation and collaborative process, and we are also skilled and prepared to present your matter to a court or proceed to trial. Our team has a variety of backgrounds and skills to represent your interests.


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Managing Attorney

Teresa Reade is a family and divorce lawyer assisting clients through emotional and mental challenges during divorce. Focusing on holistic solutions, she addresses custody, support, property division, and prenuptial agreements. A dedicated child advocate, she serves as a Guardian Ad Litem and participates in community organizations.


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Senior Attorney

Richard Reade is a family law attorney specializing in mediation and dispute resolution to avoid litigation. With extensive litigation experience, he shifted focus to family law to help resolve conflicts and minimize emotional distress, costs, and future disagreements. A Certified Mediator, he's active in professional family mediation organizations.


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Marc Perlman


Marc Perlman is a detail-oriented family law attorney who crafts creative solutions for clients navigating emotional legal challenges. He prioritizes communication and personalized strategy development. With a background in public interest law, he now focuses on helping individuals resolve family law issues. Marc enjoys volunteering and playing tennis.