If your former partner is not living up to their obligations under the terms of a divorce decree or parenting plan, you have a few different options for enforcing those obligations. When problems arise, prompt intervention by an attorney can often accomplish a solution before problems spiral out of control.

Reade Law Firm, PC can help you receive what you are entitled to or ensure that your former partner cooperates with child custody and visitation arrangements. Whether through negotiation out of court or judicial action using enforcement tools available under the law, we work to protect your rights and interests.

When Enforcement Action May Be Necessary

Once a court enters a divorce decree and issues appropriate orders, the obligations have significant legal effect. However, that does not mean your former partner will live up to their obligations.

After a divorce, your former spouse may refuse to sign authorization to take their name off the deed to the family home or to divide retirement assets. They might refuse to pay alimony or child support, or may not comply with the parenting schedule.

You might share parenting responsibilities with a former partner who refuses to bring the child to appointed meeting places or denies you the opportunity to communicate with your child. There are numerous ways a former partner can violate their legal obligations. If that happens, it is important to act promptly to assert your rights.

Enforcing Support, Custody, and Alimony Orders

It is a serious violation of a court order when a former partner refuses to pay child support or alimony, or does not comply with the parenting plan approved by the court, that is a serious violation of a court order. That spouse can be found in contempt.

Sometimes, when an attorney explains the consequences of a contempt finding, that can be enough to encourage compliance. But assuming it does not, we can file a Complaint for Contempt and demonstrate to the court how your former partner violated a court order.

Once the court issues a contempt finding, then that provides us with different options for enforcing the obligations, including:

  • A court order for payment
  • Garnishment of wages
  • Suspension of driver’s license
  • Interception of tax refunds

At Reade Law Firm, PC, we can pursue enforcement options to gain compliance and get the funds and cooperation you deserve.

Defending Against Enforcement Actions

Sometimes, life circumstances prevent you from fulfilling the duties owed through a court order. For instance, if your car breaks down, you might not be able to drive to the meeting point at the specified time to deliver your child to the other parent. Or if you lose your job, you may not have funds to provide alimony or child support payments.

If you are facing contempt charges and have legitimate reasons for violating court orders, we can help the court understand the difficulties and defend your rights. It is best to take defensive action as quickly as possible to protect yourself. We may be able to seek modification of obligations. But any modification must be approved by the court in order to have legal effect. An agreement outside of court will not protect you.

Reade Law Firm Helps You Enforce Orders Involving Divorce, Child Support, and Parenting Plans

Court orders involving divorce terms, child support, alimony, and custody deserve respect and compliance. If your former partner is not acting responsibly, you owe it to yourself and your family to act to enforce those obligations.

The experienced team at Reade Law Firm, PC can help you enforce court-ordered requirements or defend your rights if you are facing contempt charges. Call today for a confidential consultation to learn your next steps.