Our Team

We listen and work with you to find the right strategy to reach your goals. You have options for how to proceed through the divorce process and for some people the options change during the process depending on the needs of the client and the family. We are prepared to resolve issues outside of court using mediation and collaborative process, and we are also skilled and prepared to present your matter to a court or proceed to trial. Our team has a variety of backgrounds and skills to represent your interests.

Teresa Reade Headshot 5.18

Teresa Reade

Managing Attorney

"My goal is to look at the family holistically and help my clients get to a better place in their lives.  I try to explain to them what their decisions may mean for their future and for their family.”

Teresa Reade works to help clients through the emotional and mental challenges that come along with the divorce process while educating them to choose their best path forward. She explains what is happening and what to expect to remove much of the discomforting uncertainty from the divorce process.

Richard Reade Headshot 5.18.23

Richard Reade

Senior Attorney

“My goal is to help families move forward so everyone can be in the best situation possible.”

Richard Reade focused on litigation and trial practice when he was in law school, and he litigated with great success in several different areas of law for many years before he turned his talents to family law. He immediately found the practice of family law much more rewarding.

Marc Perlman Headshot 5.18.23

Marc Perlman

Associate Attorney

"Going through an emotional family law matter is not easy, so I strive to provide every client with the attention that they deserve.”

Marc Perlman recognizes that every case he works on is unique and that each one requires thoughtful, creative solutions. The personal factor, combined with the satisfaction of overcoming the emotional and legal problems that arise during divorce and other family law matters, make this practice area particularly rewarding for Marc.