Trusted Support Throughout Your Paternity Case

Who is the legal father of your children? If you had a child with someone you were not married to at the time, you may need to establish legal paternity for yourself or the child’s father. This becomes especially important if you are seeking child support, custody, or parenting plans.

Paternity can be established in one of three ways in Massachusetts:

  • The father is listed on the birth certificate;
  • Both parents sign a “Voluntary Acknowledgment of Parentage” form; or
  • One parent applies for a court order to establish paternity through a DNA test.

Once paternity has been established, the father can request legal rights and obligations. Because of this, there are often other legal issues that you will need to handle after establishing paternity of your child. Reade Law Firm, PC, can assist clients in all legal matters related to paternity, including:

Compassionate Support Through Sensitive Issues

Whether you are a mother trying to establish paternity for your child or a father trying to obtain legal rights, the legal process can be emotionally complicated. At Reade Law Firm, PC, we not only help you through the legal issues but also counsel you through the emotional aspects of changes to your family relationships.

Discuss Your Situation With A Lawyer

For a consultation with an attorney with extensive experience with paternity issues, call (978) 767-8383 or contact Reade Law Firm, PC, by email. We have an office in Peabody and work with clients in and around Essex County.