Parent Coordinator in Massachusetts

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Families with children frequently benefit from working with a qualified parent coordinator during divorce, custody changes, and other transitions. The specialized training provided to parent coordinators proves especially valuable in high-conflict situations, which often continue long after a divorce is finalized.

We are pleased to announce that our Managing attorney, Teresa Reade, has added parent coordination to her list of qualifications. The in-depth training has enabled her to better assist clients in divorce when working to refine or enforce parenting plans outside of the court process. Whether you are at the start of a separation or have been struggling for years to develop working arrangements for parenting time and fair allocation of expenses, Teresa and her team are ready to help you find the right resolution.

What is a Parent Coordinator?

In many respects, a parent coordinator is similar to a mediator and an arbitrator but with unique training focused on child and family matters. A parent coordinator is a professional who serves as a neutral go-between to help parents resolve child-related disputes out of court.

Parent coordinators develop skills that enable them to help parents find common ground to develop solutions that meet their needs. This keeps parents in control of the outcome, which would not be the case if the disputed issues were to be submitted to a judge. Working with a parent coordinator to resolve contested issues also provides a more cost-effective solution than litigation.

How Parent Coordinators Help Families in Massachusetts

Parent coordinators in Massachusetts frequently help families develop initial parenting plans after a separation. However, a qualified parent coordinator can also help resolve challenges that arise over time. Teresa Reade can help parents develop workable plans to manage trouble spots such as:

  • Establishing ground rules and guidelines for communication
  • Improving routines for drop-off or pick-up
  • Implementing strategies to reduce conflict
  • Overcoming difficulties when a parent is involved with a new partner
  • Resolving disputes involving health care, religion, education, or other issues

Every family is unique, and that means issues that resolve naturally in one household may require serious negotiation and creative thinking to develop the right solution in another household. As a parent coordinator, Teresa approaches each case from a fresh perspective to help reach a custom plan of action tailored for the specific situation.

Dispute Resolution Out of Court

In Massachusetts, parent coordinators can work to resolve conflicts out of court when parents agree to use this approach to dispute resolution. The parent coordinator facilitates agreements between parents on the issues under contention. If parents are not able to reach an agreement, the coordinator can act as an arbitrator and issue a decision.

Should either parent be unhappy with the outcome, they may have the opportunity to seek a change in court. However, if parents agree to be bound by the coordinator’s decision to keep costs down, judicial appeal may not be an option.

Find Out How a Parent Coordinator Could Help   

At Reade Law Firm, PC, we are dedicated to helping parents develop arrangements that serve the best interests of their children and fit the unique dynamics of the family. Adding the services of a qualified parent coordinator to our practice is another way we can serve the full range of our clients’ needs.

If you would like to explore the options available for resolving disputes about custody and other parenting issues, we invite you to schedule a confidential strategy session.