Family Law Mediation Lawyer Serving Massachusetts

The issues addressed in family law are far more emotional and have a much greater impact on daily life than the issues covered in other areas of law. When you can resolve conflicts and settle family law issues through cooperation rather than combat, both sides can come out ahead.

That’s what family law mediation is all about. At Reade Law Firm, PC, we have years of experience resolving disputes through litigation and mediation, so we have seen the benefits family law mediation can provide. Through mediation, we can guide you to custom solutions that could never be achieved in court.

Mediation Compared to Litigation

The traditional litigation system used to settle the terms of a divorce is adversarial. Attorneys for each partner fight to gain information and to make the other partner look bad to the court. One side always loses—and sometimes both sides lose. Judges do not have the time to understand the details of a situation and develop plans that meet both parties’ needs.

When the terms of a divorce are settled through mediation, both partners work together to establish a plan for dividing assets and debts, arranging custody, and a host of other issues. They can negotiate to gain the objectives that mean the most to them.

Instead of making decisions the way a judge would with information limited by court rules, the mediator works to help both partners find common ground and compromise to reach solutions that meet the needs of both of them.

How Family Law Mediation Works

The mediator who works with the partners to settle the terms of their divorce is usually a licensed attorney, but the mediator acts differently than an attorney or judge in litigation. The mediator remains neutral and does not provide advice to either party. Instead of making decisions for the individuals involved, the mediator guides those individuals toward their own solutions. A skilled mediator can encourage both parties to communicate their interests in a new way that helps both develop a different understanding of the problem and see the possibility of fresh solutions.

Parties involved in family law mediation will often consult their own attorney who can retain a focus on protecting their specific interests. When the parties feel prepared to move forward to establish terms, they meet with the mediator to discuss the issues. Typically, meetings last no more than two hours. Sometimes all issues are resolved in a single session, but often the parties need to collect more information or take time to consider issues. Once the parties have reached an agreement on all the issues, the mediator writes up all the terms into a document to be submitted to the court.

Retain Control and Privacy While Reducing Conflict Through Family Law Mediation

When you work with a mediator to resolve the terms of a divorce or other family law issue, you retain control of the outcome and can keep all proceedings private. The same certainly cannot be said for settling matters in court.

The team at Reade Law Firm, PC works to settle issues through cooperation, negotiation, and other efficient measures whenever possible so that we can help clients gain the best solutions for their future. We invite you to talk to us to discuss whether mediation is the right choice for your situation and how the process would work in your particular case. To schedule a strategy session, contact us now.