Court Approved Teresa Reade as a Discovery Master

At Reade Law Firm, PC, we are excited to announce that the Probate and Family Court has approved our Managing Attorney, Teresa R. Reade, as a Discovery Master. This appointment demonstrates the respect with which Teresa is held in the legal community and her thorough knowledge of Massachusetts family law.

But equally important, the appointment offers opportunities to process family law cases more efficiently and it provides Teresa and our team even greater insight into the judicial mindset in family law matters.

What Does a Discovery Master Do?

A discovery master, sometimes referred to as a special master for discovery, is a legal professional empowered by the court to hear facts regarding a case, make decisions on discovery issues, and issue certain orders, such as ordering one party to pay attorneys fees. A discovery master will then issue a report to the court.

In most litigation, parties exchange key information during the pre-trial phase known as discovery. They may ask for written responses to questions or request to see certain documents. Discovery can also include asking verbal questions under oath in depositions. The discovery process often narrows the issues that will ultimately need to be resolved by the court, and an attorney who is skilled in discovery strategy can “win” many points for clients during this phase of litigation.

When parties dispute issues during discovery, having a discovery master resolve the issues instead of a judge can save considerable time and money. Judges have the option to assign matters to a discovery master in a family law case even if the parties to the case do not consent. In many cases, however, the litigants do consent, and they may have the option to choose who they want to serve in that role.

A discovery master is neutral, like a judge. So while discovery masters are licensed as attorneys, they will not be representing either party in the case but making strictly neutral decisions based on the law. Decisions of a discovery master are binding unless overruled by the judge.

Advantages of Working with a Discovery Master

Courts assign matters to discovery masters when the judge does not have adequate time to review evidence in the detail it deserves. Discovery masters can sift through documents closelyl, ensuring that complex issues get fair consideration. They can also complete reviews more quickly, leading to more efficient resolutions. As a discovery master, Teresa will offer couples the opportunity to conserve resources while providing for a detailed examination of critical data that can significantly impact the outcomes in the case.

Serving Clients with Diligence

Teresa’s appointment as a discovery master enables Reade Law Firm to offer a new and valuable service to couples resolving conflicts involving divorce, custody, and other issues. It also will give our team a deeper understanding of the judicial decision-making process and effective discovery strategies.

If you have questions about the use of a discovery master in your case, we’d be happy to talk to you. Just schedule a consultation at your convenience.

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