Alimony Calculator (Under 2011 Alimony Reform Act)

This tool allows users to estimate the yearly alimony amount by comparing the payor's and recipient's incomes against different percentage scenarios. It's important to note that this tool is not designed to assess financial needs but to calculate the percentage disparity between the incomes of the two individuals involved.

Additionally, the tool calculates the duration of the alimony obligation. Estimated alimony is determined using the length of the marriage and date of birth information, in line with the General Term Alimony term obligation formula found in Chapter 208, Section 49 of the Massachusetts General Laws, as stipulated in the statute.

Length of Marriage Duration of Alimony
0 to 5 Years 50% length of marriage
6 to 10 Years 60% length of marriage
11 to 15 Years 70% length of marriage
16 to 20 Years 80% length of marriage
20 Years or more Indefinite Duration

**Disclaimer – This tool is for illustrative purposes and should not be considered legal advice. It is recommended that you seek guidance from a qualified expert for a comprehensive understanding of how a potential alimony award might affect your personal circumstances.